5 Common Interview Questions in the Technology Industry

The technology industry is constantly changing. New technologies are emerging, old ones are being replaced and new innovations seem to happen every day. With so many changes happening, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends in the field. As a result, interview questions often change as well! In this blog post we will discuss 5 must-know interview questions that you should be prepared for when interviewing for jobs in the tech world today.

1. What are your thoughts on artificial intelligence and the future of work?

In an effort to be more efficient and maintain a competitive edge, many companies are turning towards artificial intelligence for help. AI is used in nearly every industry and can perform tasks that would otherwise take up the time of human employees. However, as we have seen with recent developments like DeepMind’s AlphaGo program, there may come a point when AI becomes more intelligent than people. As such, we may need to start thinking about how we can prepare for the future of work as a result.

2. How would you improve one of our current products or services?

Employers want someone who will be proactive and provide new ideas that will help them continue their success in the market . You don’t need to have an extensive background in the company’s industry, but you should know enough about it so that your ideas will be valuable.

3. Where do you think our industry is headed next year?

Tech-based job interviews

You don’t necessarily need to know the answer, but you should be able to speak knowledgeably about what you think could happen in the future. You can use your own ideas or some of these predictions from technology experts:

A) There will continue to be an increase in “smart cities” that rely on AI and automation for everyday tasks

B) The internet of things (IoT) will continue to grow and we’ll see an increase in the number of connected devices and by 2022, there will be an estimated 50 billion devices connected through IoT

C) Blockchain technology is predicted to be integrated with industries like healthcare, finance, insurance and more

E) Virtual reality headsets are expected to sell over 140 million units by 2022

F) Driverless cars are predicted to be on the road in a matter of years


4. What’s something that frustrates or excites about this job/industry?

It’s important to express your knowledge and passion for the industry when you’re interviewing. This question will help a prospective employer understand what you think about the job/industry, whether it be good or bad.

Here are some examples:

Exciting: The technology industry is always changing and evolving. There’s never a dull moment!

Frustrating: With so many technological changes happening in the field, it can be hard to stay up to date with new trends in interviewing techniques.

5. Who has been the biggest influence on your professional development lately?

This question is meant to find out who you’ve been interacting with and learning from recently. Often, the people we learn from are friends or family members but sometimes it’s also someone in a professional setting like a coach or mentor.

Here’s an example answer:

“My brother is always pushing me to try more things outside my comfort zone, which has really helped me to grow professionally. For example, I recently went to a conference where some expert speakers were talking about new developments in AI. They helped me see the industry from a different perspective and come up with some ideas of how it could be used differently.”

Ace That Interview!

Tech-based interviews are sometimes a bit more tricky than interviews in other industries.   However, with these five common interview questions and a bit of preparation, you’re sure to ace that interview!

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