5 Things to Look for When Selecting Vapes

Many people have turned to vape as a better alternative to many nicotine delivery mechanisms. It is less invasive and rewards users with a series of advantages and benefits absent in other mediums.

Thus, it is not surprising that vaping is a worthy and viable option to many. Interestingly, when you want to start vaping, you will have a plethora of options. Both teens and adults vape and the demography keeps increasing.

According to the National Health Service, there are more than 10 million vapers in America and three million vapers in the UK as per statistics

Vaping is a lifestyle that you need to approach with caution and care. When you start vaping, you will be amazed and even overwhelmed by the series of options available. Vaping has significantly evolved, from simple e-cig to vaporizers and many others.

As a result, you need some guidance before selecting a vape device that will work for you. Here are essential things to consider when choosing a vape device.

1.   Nature of Heat

Vape Juice Options

The working principle of a vaporizer is pretty simple. It was introduced as one of the best nicotine delivery systems in which the vaporizer heats the vaping material until it changes to vapor.

No actual combustion occurs even though the vaporizer serves as the chamber where the material gets heated. The vaporizer comes in various builds, but heating can take place in two methods – convection and conduction. Even though there is a hybrid, these two are the most common.

With convection, there is a sealed medium in which hot air flows and heats the vaping material. Conduction heats the material by transferring heat directly via contact.

These heating techniques can affect the vapor quality to expect from the vape device and the overall flavor you get.

2.   Desktop or Portable Vape Device

Vaping Method Mouth to Lung or Direct Lung Vaping

Before selecting a vaporizer, ensure to consider where and how you will be using it. Such a decision will guide your choice of the vape device. There are many vape devices, and they come in many categories – there are models you can have with you on the go, while others are designed strictly for use at home.

Desktop vaporizers are designed for home use. Due to their cumbersome nature, you cannot transport them easily, making them unsuitable for everyone. They are large devices that can give users big and powerful clouds. On the other hand, many portable vapes exist today to satisfy your cravings and even reward you with solid vapors.

The market for portable vaporizers is growing, and the introduction of vape pens can allow one to enjoy vaping discreetly. There are cheap vapes deals you can try high quality vape products from vaporesso that will make the experience worthwhile.

3.   Vaping Method: Mouth to Lung or Direct Lung Vaping

There is no universal inhalation method with most vape devices, unlike other nicotine delivery systems. One can either vape using an MTL device or a DL device.

Mouth to Lung is a vaping method similar to how people use other nicotine delivery systems. It involves sucking in the vapor into the mouth for a couple of seconds before inhaling it into your lungs. This is a recommended style of vaping for beginners. Most vape pens, for example, are Mouth to Lung devices.

Direct Lung vaping is another method that many people prefer. With this, you suck in the vapor directly from the device to your lungs. It is common in sub mods and ohms.

How do you know which device is DL or MTL? Check the tip of the device before buying. DL devices have a small atomizer head, while MTL devices have a bigger head.

4.   Vape Juice Options

high quality vape products

One of the factors that make vaping appealing to many people is the wide availability of e liquids. The options are endless for vaping juice, and you can experiment with many until you find something that gets you going. This is one way vaping stands out from most nicotine delivery systems.

In choosing your vape juice, consider quality, and select from a trusted supplier. When it comes to vape, brand and quality matter. There are no good or bad flavors as it is a matter of preference.

Also, one needs to understand that vape juice constituents differ. PG (propylene glycol) based vape juice and VG (vegetable glycerine) based vape juice are also available.

Some vape juices are best suited to give high vape clouds, while others provide a punchy feeling at the back of your throat. The effect is a factor of the constituent of your vape juice.

An idea of what you want can go a long way in determining the best vape juice for you, as well as the device type suited for you.

5.   Prioritize Maintenance

Like many hardware, your vape device will likely need maintenance and replacement over time. This is due to the presence of heat and moving parts in it.

The coil (heating element) is the primary component that needs constant replacement. Make it a habit to replace your coil when the flavor starts tasting bland.

There are online tutorials that can guide you towards coil replacement. Again, make sure to patronize trusted brands for your device parts.


The decision to vape can be one of the best things to happen to you. However, you need to put many things in mind before you start vaping.

This article has shed light on five essentials to consider before selecting the ideal vape device.

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