7 Fun Things to Do With Your Pets

Humans have kept pets for possibly tens of thousands of years. This attachment between man and animal is still as strong as it was when it began. According to pet industry statistics, Americans keep 85 million cats, 78 million dogs, 12 million small mammals, 14 million birds, and 9 million reptiles as pets.

Pets will continue to be parts of our lives for generations to come, and that’s why these loyal companions need our unbounded love and protection. One of the ways you can show your pet affection is by engaging in activities with them.

What activities, you ask? Well, there are plenty of fun things you can engage with your pet, and below are some of them.

Go on a Hike Together

Go on a Hike with your dog

Hiking is the perfect setup for you and your pet to reconnect on a deeper level. Simply get one of those dogs or designer cat leashes,strap it on your pet, and you’re ready to go. Don’t forget to bring something too much for you and your pet as you plan your hike.

Also, select hiking areas with sufficient shade so your pet can stop and cool down when they want. Your hike destinations could be several places, from a wooded area with hills to a walk in your local park.

Always switch it up for every outing you take your pet, so they have a variety of experiences and adventures.

Consider taking a swim

Consider taking a swim

One of the best fun activities you could engage with your pet is going for a swim and not necessarily to a pool. You could go to the beach or lake and have a great time there as well. There are pools designated for dogs in some areas, and if they don’t have that, there could be a “doggie swim day.”

If your pet isn’t a lover of water, you could have an adventure-filled day at the lake or beach together. Just don’t forget to carry some water toys, like to have water-based games.

If you don’t have access to all these options, why not set up an outdoor pet-sized pool, or use a sprinkler in your backyard? You could use a kiddie pool, but a pet pool will work much better because it’s easy to drain and has an anti-slip surface. They are also easily foldable for easy storage and portability.

Suppose your pet has never had the chance to take a swim before. Remember to follow water safety tips. Take things as slow as possible, and stay in the shallow end of the pool.

Go Camping Together

For a much better adventure, you can elevate your hiking by deciding to camp in the area you visit. Setting up an overnight stay out in the wild will be refreshing and exciting while you’ve gone out on a pleasant hike. Ensure the campground you choose is pet-friendly.

Go for a Bike Ride Together

A bike ride of one of those things you wouldn’t consider doing with your pet, but why not? The perfect time for a bike ride with your pet is when it’s not so hot—ideally early in the morning or later in the day.

A bike ride isn’t for every pet, so make sure your pet is in good shape for it by visiting the vet if this is their first time. If your pet is small, you can get a bike basket for them to travel in while you ride.

Have for a Picnic with Your Pet

Have for a Picnic with Your Pet

Have a bite with your favorite companion away from the usual setup you’re used to at home. Some restaurants offer pet-friendly patios where you and your pet can enjoy a delicious meal together.

As long as your pet is comfortable around people and other pets, there’s no reason you shouldn’t do this fun activity together.

If you prefer having a bite while you enjoy the wonders of nature, go for a picnic together. Carry your pets along with food for you both, and make sure your picnic area has lots of shade. You could invite some friends with pets and make it a play day picnic. Your pet will indeed have the time of its life.

Snuggle Up and Watch a Movie Together

Doing activities outdoors may not be your pet’s thing, and that’s okay. There are lots of indoor activities you could do with your animal companion. For instance, you could set up a projector and watch a movie together.

Set up the projector close to their favorite relaxing spot, get some snacks, and have a movie marathon with them.

Play Hide and Seek

Still, hide and seek is a great activity on indoor fun and adventures to see how well your pet knows you. For this activity, there need to be at least two people in the house.

The first person has the treat in their hand, which your pet sees, then finds a place to hide— somewhere pretty obvious, though, while the second person stays with the pet. The person hiding then calls out to the pet to come and find them and rewards them with a treat to celebrate their win if it succeeds.


And there you have it; seven fun activities you can partake with your pet. For any outdoor activity you do, don’t forget to bring along some water and snacks so your pet can stay hydrated and energetic throughout the day.

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