Why Use Energy Comparison Sites to Find the Best Feed-In Tariffs in QLD?

A feed-in tariff is a rate a retailer pays you for exporting surplus electricity to the grid from your renewable energy system. The rates for the feed in tariff qld differ according to your location and the retailer you apply to.  

If you live in regional QLD, you may be eligible to receive a regional feed-in tariff depending on your electricity distributor. If you reside in South East QLD, you might get a market feed-in tariff from the retailer. As there is no mandated rate set for exported electricity, you must explore plans from different retailers to maximise the value of your renewable energy.

Here are the reasons to use energy comparison sites to find the best feed-in tariff in QLD.

Electricity and Gas

If you have trouble managing multiple bills and different billing cycles, you can access retailer information that offers competitive electricity and gas rates using a comparison website. In addition, you can view plans for residential and business units, depending on whether you have solar panels or you want the infrastructure setup.

Location Matters

Not all retailers provide service all over QLD. If you want to know the best feed in tariff in QLD, it is recommended you input your postcode or suburb and explore all available plans in your area.

Minimum and Maximum FiT Rates

Instead of browsing through multiple retailer websites and noting the minimum and maximum FiT offered, you can view the information at a glance on a comparison website. For example, in QLD, the maximum solar FiT can range from 2.88 cents to 18 cents, considering the top 15 retailers. 

Please note, do not rely on FiT rates alone when choosing a plan. The retailer should still provide you with competitive base rates to cover your energy needs.

Offers and Discounts

Some retailers offer high FiT rates for a promotional period only. Others might offer varying rates throughout the day depending on how much electricity you have exported.

One may not easily find these details on the retailer’s website. But, with comparison websites, conditional offers and discounts are highlighted, ensuring you access accurate information beforehand.


Using a comparison website is a highly convenient process than combing through multiple websites and verifying the accuracy of the information. You put in details like postcodes, residential or business units, availability of solar panels and get access to all the retailers and plans available in your area.  

At a glance, you can view highlights of the plan such as the normal feed-in tariff, contract period, no exit fees and reward programs. Then, you can click on the plan that interests you and view detailed terms and conditions.

If you are looking for deals under the market feed-in tariff category, you must use comparison websites to access all plans offered in your area. The advantage of using such comparison websites is that you can view up-to-date FiT rates and plans on a single page from multiple retailers. In addition, you can view details for offers, conditions and customer service offered. 

Make the most of the surplus renewable energy you produce by finding the best feed-in tariff has to offer.

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