4 Best Practices For Functional Mobile App Testing

Functional testing is a very significant part of mobile app testing. This assists mobile app testing companies to guarantee that apps are functioning as per the design and requirement specifications. The main objective of testing is to see the app functioning from the customer’s perspective.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting to you four best practices for functional mobile app testing.

Work together On The Requirements for Testing

You and mobile app testing companies are required to be very sure regarding the things that must be tested to develop a testing framework. This is because, without a proper test plan, no testing should be done.

The development team is also required to handle on which user commands, integrations, processes, screen that will be most important. This collaboration is considered as a stepping stone towards working on a test framework.

Develop Your Test Frameworks and Prioritize Your Tests

This step is sometimes ignored by the teams. This is because; teams consider it a waste of time to scribble down what they actually know. However, test plan is not only about this. This is regarding writing what you will do and rather than writing, the actual hard work travels into the mental gymnastics to develop testing strategies. In short, ideal testing framework should encompass everything from test resources and test schedule required to objectives and scope of testing. It also significant to prioritize test cases in the framework to evade time wastage on test cases that is least important.

See The Things That Can Be Automated

This can be seen as a part of testing framework. However, it is important to test strategies and mobile development. Automation testing guarantees enhanced software quality and lesser time to the market. Nevertheless, everything cannot be automated and you should not even try to automate it. But, automation testing is very helpful in the long-run. Perhaps, it costs higher in the short-term, but the long-term financial benefits are far more than the short term benefits. As per the specialists, with right support organization can comfortably automate 80% of their testing process.

Run Tests Under Real User Circumstances

More than any other sort of development, there is a huge requirement to look for techniques to test under real user scenarios in mobile app development. The most utilized electronic device on this planet is smartphones. An average person spends most his day on smartphones. Therefore, a smallest issue cannot be ignored. As a result, a large number of factors must be taken into account while creating a mobile app.


The best practices mentioned above can be adopted to guarantee that your functional testing is on point. All the well-reputed mobile app testing companies are of great assistance in attaining your quality objectives to decrease time-to-market. However, even if you select these services, you must guarantee that these practices are being implemented.

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