3 Reasons to Touch Up Your Photos in Post-Production

In today’s world, you can’t click on a social media platform without seeing an edited photograph where someone has used a filter or effect to change its appearance. Whether it’s for fun or to change the aesthetics of a picture, it is incredibly common. However, it’s safe to say there are different levels of editing, some of which are more acceptable than others.

For instance, images that are edited in order to change someone’s appearance can be met with disdain, as more people look for photos that are more authentic and real. On the other hand, sometimes it can be beneficial to touch up your photos, allowing you to improve on the original image and add cool effects to create innovative artwork. Online photo sharing platforms often give you a great starting point to see different kinds of images and how they have been edited and manipulated in a way to deliver something spectacular.

With that idea in mind, we take a look at just 3 reasons why you should consider touching up your photos in post-production.

Improve the colour

Touching up your photos can have a number of benefits and it’s possible to do it without having to edit the photo too drastically. One of the most noticeable elements of a photograph is colour, whether it’s a sunset, a butterfly, a skyscraper building or a person’s face. The colour of an image can help to capture the attention of viewers, and so it could be helpful to enhance those colours just a little more. 

Editing the colours of a photograph, particularly by making them more vibrant, doesn’t alter the image’s purpose or appearance too drastically. Instead, it simply makes the image more striking and perhaps more interesting to look at. You can achieve this by editing the contrast of your photographs, which can highlight certain things in your image to create the desired effect.

You can change the contrast in an image through your camera’s settings but you can also play about with colour afterwards by using the relevant technology.

Add a special effect or filter

Touch Up Your Photos In Post-Production

Touching up a photo after it’s been taken can allow you to have a bit of fun with the finished appearance. As well as enhancing the colours, you could also dive into the world of special effects and filters to give your photo a unique edge. There is scope to go extreme and create optical illusions within your photos, or keep it simple with filters that give the image a certain look or feel.

For instance, you could add a vintage filter to change the tone of the image or turn it from a coloured photo to grayscale. However, if you’re looking to do something more striking, you can add special effects to a photo in post-production to give it another dimension. Bokeh-inspired effects, added sparkle or blurred areas of an image can all change its finished look for a more impressive and artistic photo.

Remove any distractions or blemishes

Sometimes an image can look perfect through the lens, but by the time you’ve got it on to your computer, you notice a detail on the image that is out of place or doesn’t look quite right. This can be incredibly frustrating and sometimes can result in re-taking a shot multiple times until you’re happy. Post-production editing can help you to make this process much easier, by allowing you to remove any distractions or blemishes from the finished photo.

Whatever has caught your eye that you don’t necessarily like, being able to touch it up afterwards can be a huge relief, instead of having to go back and take the shot all over again.

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