6 Alarming Signs That Indicate That Your Banking App Needs QA

There are cyber-security principles and best practices have grown across all aspects of business operations. There are some scenarios in which it is very important to make use of very powerful banking app testing companies. These companies provide comprehensive, professional and independent support to safeguard IT assets and infrastructure from threats.

Keeping this thing under consideration, we are presenting to you 6 alarming signs that indicate that your banking app requires quality assurance.

You See Unusual System or Network Activity

Some of the cyber criminals cannot be detected in the infrastructure for weeks and months. This is because; their main aim is to attain access to private and confidential information.

Nevertheless, knowledge of the adoption of techniques and tools without negatively affecting business operations is a very ambiguous thing. The banking app testing companies can assist to evaluate the strengths of your present security tools and controls and assist to overcome any loopholes. In this manner, malicious traffic is recognized. This will also enable your security team to know the methods to contain and triage rare activity prior to any negative effects.

Your Customers Have Been Phished

Phishing is called a one-off event. However, it can be the beginning of an extremely difficult and coordinated cyber-threat.

Therefore, it is the priority of all the banks to protect themselves and their customers from network intrusion, data theft and malware. They are protected using proactive security products, security testing and training. Examples of such systems are firewalls, malware detection and intrusion detection systems. These products examine your incoming traffic and ban digital signatures that are sometimes associated with malicious signals or activity.

Unluckily, these vulnerabilities, attack methods, and signatures that are exploited can evolve rapidly. This makes it very significant to have a dedicated partner that can see the loopholes in their security controls and authenticate your fortifications with penetration testing.

You Are Putting Latest Systems In-Place or Expanding Your Footprint

The addition of infrastructure or systems can present new susceptibilities and access vectors to the bank’s cyber-security defenses or modify your attack surface. This will assist in rendering your current security tools and controls.

This sign has become very prominent because banks digitize important systems and processes. It makes security testing during the development and application phase very important. It is very easy and cheap to assimilate security best practices during development instead of going back and incorporating them after go-live.

Your Staff Members Do Not Have Sufficient Experience To Handle Threats

Cyber-threats are evolving constantly. It is extremely time-consuming to sustain, observe and patch the cyber-security products and IT infrastructure that safeguard it.

The requirement to keep up with the latest tools and releases, best practices and the internal staff has very less time to concentrate on the strategic efforts. These inconsistent priorities can leave a knowledge loophole within a security team. Therefore, the ongoing breadth and support of experience from banking app testing companies can be of huge advantage.

You have Inflexible Compliance Needs

Maintaining and reaching compliance is very complex, particularly with standards from the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and other federal objects. If your bank attains any of these standards, you not just need to know how your present security fairs against them.

For various compliance requirements, the drawbacks of non-compliance exceed the cost of implementation. However, selecting the best banking app testing companies can assist your bank to guarantee that it is meeting its compliance needs and staying ahead of developments in relevant security standards.

Your Data is Very Sensitive

This is why any systems that hold personal data, proprietary information, sensitive financial account data or other personally identifiable information (PII)—including HIPAA data—need to have their controls sufficiently tested to survive attempts of unauthorized access.

All cyber-criminals want to hold the company’s sensitive data as ransom. They will put it for resale. For this reason, systems that have sensitive financial accounting data, proprietary data, personal data or other personally identifiable information encompassing HIPAA information must have their controls tested to survive attempts of illegal access.

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