What Are the Benefits of the Arctic Breeze Air Cooler?

The Winter has finished, and the Summer is back. Because of the Green-House effect, the temperature of the world is increasing day by day. The air of the environment gets polluted in many ways. People breathe in this polluted air frequently, and they become sick.

If you find a device that can purify the air and give you much more things, isn’t it surprising? Yes, I am talking about the Arctic Breeze Air Cooler. This device is lightweight, handy, and can carry in anywhere. This is not an air cooler only it has refrigeration, humidification, aromatherapy facility also.In this write-up, I will share the benefits of using the Arctic Breeze Air Cooler, which I have experienced.

What is Arctic Breeze?

Arctic Breeze is a portable air conditioner with all advanced technology and function. This Air Cooler is much more cost-effective than an Air Conditioner. It takes up a tiny space and can be placed everywhere.

Arctic Breeze takes out the hot air from your surroundings and fills it with pure air, healthy and relaxing. You only need water to operate this.

This device consumes less electricity and can be used with a USB cable. Arctic Breeze air coolers can be used outdoors also. You need a power supply from your power bank or your laptop.

This is an AirCooler cum Air Purifier cum a Humidifier. Arctic Breeze came with a Box, USB cable, user manual.

Without any doubt, Arctic Breeze Air Cooler is the best cooler among its competitors.

Technical Specification of Arctic Breeze air cooler

Weight1.3 kg
Speed20 Speed Setting
Fan3-speed Controlled Fan
Capacity of Water Tank 750 ml
LED lightingEight different LED moonlight setting
Power SupplyA USB port for easy power supply

Features of Arctic Breeze Air Cooler

The attractive features of Arctic Breeze make it amazing to the users and encourage them to purchase this particular product. Let’s have a look at its features.

  1. Award-Winning Efficient Air Cooling Technology
  2. Perfect for Room and Desk Air Conditioning
  3. Long Working Mode For Night-Time Up to 8h
  4. Silent Working For Zero Disturbance
  5. Easy to Use, Just Press a Button and Go
  6. Standard USB Power Supply for Convenience
  7. LED panel on the Top with easy-to-use Buttons.
  8. Power from standard 12V USB connector
  9. Provide cold or warm water to cool the Environment or only provide Humidity

Benefits of the Arctic Breeze air cooler

The Arctic Breeze Air cooler’s benefit is it will give you purified, humiliated fresh and cool air in a single device. You will find many facilities of this highly adjustable device like Moonlight settings, efficient battery service.

Easy To Operate

This Domestic product is easy to operate. No installation, no set-up required. All you need to do is put some water in the tank and set the wind direction. It does not embrace any poisonous chemicals. So, this device is safe to use for all ages. The children are also safe from its danger. There is no harmful function on it.

Different Speed Settings

Arctic Breeze has a three-speed fan which can be controlled manually. It has an appropriate setting depending on the density of air you desire. You can operate Arctic Breeze in three different moods with silent mode.

Long Use without Refueling

You can use the Arctic Breeze Air Cooler for a long time. With full tank water, it runs for eight hours in slow mode. In fast mode, it will run for three hours. You need to ensure the power supply of Arctic Breeze. Then it can give you long service without refueling.

Easy to Carry

This Arctic Breeze is a small device. It can be carried almost anywhere. You can carry this device when you exercise outdoors or doing Yoga. It can be packed in a single box, and you can travel with it.  An Arctic Breeze is used for a single room or a half hall room.

Powered With USB Port

Arctic Breeze is too effective for an electric bill reduction. You will get the same facility of Air Conditioner with an Arctic Breeze Air Cooler on less power. This device can be operated without a direct power supply. All you need is a 12V USB conductor to run this device.

Ideal For Sleep

Arctic Breeze is ideal for sleep. Some people have faced problems with the sound of the fan while sleeping. Arctic Breeze comes with zero disturbance, and it will not hamper your sleep with sound. You can enjoy a long sleep without any hassle with pure air.

How Do I Operate Arctic Breeze

arctic breeze review

The cool and simple Arctic Air Cooler has an easy operable procedure. Here’s How.

  • Step 1- Place it in your desired position.
  • Step 2- Fill the Arctic Breeze tank with water.
  • Step 3- Plug-in USB with Power.
  • Step 4- Set the wind direction.
  • Step 5- Set your desired temperature.

Why do I need this ArcticBreeze air cooler?

You need this device for your sound health. This device will provide you pure air to breathe. It will keep your room and surroundings cool. Make you comfortable in summer. This device is much better than an AC because it consumes less space and ensures your safety.

Unlike many other Air conditioners, it doesn’t cost so much money. You can get arcticbreeze at a minimum affordable price. Buying this device will save your money from excessive spending.

Final Verdict

The necessity of ensuring health safety is first of all. We frequently choose a device for us in this modern world without thinking about the bad impact. Thus, sometimes choosing the right device can save you from many dangers.

Arctic Breeze Air Cooler is safe to use and provides you numerous services at a time. Its compact design, advanced technology, and easy operable method make it popular among the people. The device has a positive review from users of all ages. People found it as a companion of their daily life during summer.

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