Are Plasma Air Purifiers Safe?

Most people are nowadays increasingly concerned about their well-being and the people around them. Living a healthy life incorporates having ideas about the air we inhale. Having the cleanest indoor air is always what we need to look at for us to live a healthy life.

The plasma air purifiers emerge as the newest innovation that has hit the world. The best plasma air purifier helps to improve the indoor air quality for dwellers and visitors alike. Are plasma air purifiers safe? Let’s dig deep into this question in this article.

What Exactly Is A Plasma Air Purifier?

The popularity of plasma air purifiers has grown over a couple of years. Manufacturers had constructed the purposely for use in hospitals to eliminate allergens, bacteria, and viruses. At this time, they were large and not feasible to use at home. However, different manufacturers resorted to constructing smaller plasma air purifiers to use at home as time went by.

Nowadays, people install the best plasma air purifier as part of the home HVAC system. They use small filters and a combination of ionization to purify indoor air. Plasma air purifiers eliminate dust, pollen, smoke, bacteria, and all allergens in living spaces.

Are Plasma Air Purifiers Really Safe?

Learning whether a particular device is safe for use is the first thing you should know before anything else. This will enable you to avoid any issues that will arise after you have tested it. Before we deduce whether these systems are safe for use, it is essential to learn how they work.

Plasma air purifiers work by forming positively or negatively charged ions when air passes over the ionization tubes. These tubes are usually located either in the ductwork or in the unit. The ions formed act in three different ways to eliminate all forms of dirt from the indoor air.

The ions tend to reduce the particles in the indoor air. These ions formed by the plasma air purifier bonds with the toxin in air particles and become one large molecule. Their large sizes enable them to capture even the lower grade filters. This way, the number of toxins in the air particles reduces.

The ions sterilize mold and all other forms of bacteria. Both bacteria and mold get oxidized and destroyed when they come into contact with formed ions. The ions are eliminated from the air and can no longer multiply.

They work to control all kinds of odors. The ions form oxidize and eliminate all forms of odors from household cleaning products and aerosols. Manufacturers designed the plasma air purifiers specifically to eliminate organic nature odors like those emerging from kitchen scraps.

These are the three primary ways that plasma air purifiers work to maintain quality indoor air. But, are plasma air purifiers safe?

Yes, air passing through plasma air purifiers is safe. Moreover, these systems are highly effective on all types of pollutants, including bacteria, viruses, odors, mold spores, and allergens.

Benefits of Plasma Air Purifiers

When people talk about air pollution, their minds possibly jump to imagine smoke and industrial emissions. Besides this, most people believe that indoor air is cleaner and safe than outdoor air. A lot of studies have shown that indoor air is more pollutant even than outdoor air at a greater percentage.

Most of us spend long hours in our house and to an extent we are nowadays working from our homes. Therefore, it is paramount to reduce the risks associated with air pollution at all times. The common forms of pollutants in our offices and homes include pollen, dust mites, mold spore, and many more. These pollutants lead us to develop allergies like asthma, running nose, recurring headaches, and watery eyes, among others.

Besides the harmful particles above, our indoors are also full of harmful gases. These gases are hazardous to our health. Most of these harmful gases in our living spaces carry volatile organic compounds. They get emitted from commonly used things at home, including paints, building materials, cleaning solutions, and varnishes, among others.

Examples of gases emitted include tobacco smoke and fuel combustion fumes, among others. All these gases can cause serious health problems, especially in our respiratory system.

According to previously conducted studies, indoor air pollution emerges as among the world’s top health risks. Employing plasma air purifiers can be of great importance to ensure we breathe clean air. These devices eliminate all airborne particles, odors, chemicals, and other allergens in the air we breathe.

How the Plasma Air Purifiers Compare to Other Air Purification Methods?

Like other air purification methods around, these systems offer their best to enable us to breathe clean air. They are highly effective in removing all possible bacteria, viruses, and allergens available in the surrounding air. Moreover, it is easy installing these systems and also maintaining them. Unlike other purification devices requiring frequent replacement of filters, these systems are far better to consider. They require minimal changing of filters and monitoring to get you the results you need.

Some individuals also prefer to use UV lights for this purpose over the plasma air purifiers. Among the reasons they consider them is because of their minimal installation cost. However, using the UV light will require an individual to replace bulbs more often. Also, using the plasma air purifier can save both your money and time. They use minimal energy to run, something as low as the standard lighting bulb’s energy to operate.


Plasma air purifiers are safe for use in residential and commercial setups. They help to maintain indoor air clean and safe for use. The plasma air purifiers can eliminate all forms of pollutants, including bacteria, viruses, and any allergen. Besides this, these systems can eliminate all odors to keep your indoor area conducive for you and other people around.

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