Single Gear vs Twin Gear Juicer – Which is The Best?

In this article, we will take a look at the two types of juicers, Single Gear vs Twin Gear Juicer.

We all know that juicing is a perfect way to get enough body vitamins, minerals, and many other nutrients. First of all, we have to select a perfect juicer for this, which is quite a difficult task.

Most juicers use very sharp blades to cut the fruits and vegetables. They produce heat that easily can destroy essential nutrients.

These types of juicers are very inexpensive in today’s market because they are centrifugal (rotatory blade). A type of juicer that exerts enough pressure on the fruit and vegetables. Then extracting the juices would be a better option.

What Are the Differences between A single gear and A twin gear juicer

By reading the difference you can know why twin gear juicers are the best twin gear juicers.

What is it?

Single gear juicer

  • First of all, it is necessary to know that masticating juicer is another name used as a single gear juicer.
  • These types of juicers are considered more productive and efficient because these juicers make more juice.
  • This juicer exerts a force on the fruits and vegetables. Then squeeze them in a way that all the juices are extracted from the fruits. This type of juicer makes a higher yield than the other.

Twin gear juicer

  • Here, it is also necessary to know that triturating juicer is another name used for twin gear juicer.
  • By this name, twin gear, this type of juicer “two gears” that lie very closely with one another.
  • It consists of a two-step process to squeeze juice from the fruits and vegetables. Here we’ll let you know the best twin gear juicer.

Main properties

Single gear juicer

  • The main properties of this single gear juicer are it gives a high yield.
  • The juice quality is also good.
  • It can work with both hard and soft materials.
  • It has many useful food processing functions.

Twin gear juicer

  • The main properties of this twin gear juicer are it makes a very high yield.
  • The juice extracted from this juicer is of very high quality.
  • It also can operate with both stiff and soft materials.
  •  It also has several useful food processing functions.
  • The twin gear juicer also comes in various useful functions like grinding, chopping vegetables, grinding nuts, etc.


Single gear juicer

  • Single gear juicer operated at low speed.
  • A single gear juicer operates at 80 to 100 RPM (revolutions per minute).
  • Due to low speed, less amount of juice is extracted.

Twin gear juicer

  • Twin gear juicer operates at a relatively higher speed than the single gear juicer.
  • A twin gear juicer operated at 80 to 160 RPM (revolutions per minute).


Single gear juicer

  • The single gear juicer is a little bit slower than a traditional centrifugal juicer.
  • The speed is slow, but however, it succeeds in providing good quality and fresh juice extracted from the fruits and vegetables.
  • The single gear juicer comes in many parts as it can be operated as a grinder or many other things.

Twin gear juicer

  • As in the first step, the juicer converts fruits or vegetables into very tiny particles, and then in the next step, we grind the obtained tiny particles and extract the juice from these particles.
  • If we compare the speed of Single Gear vs Twin Gear Juicer, then you will be surprised to know that the twin gear juicer works at a very high speed than the single gear juicer.
  • The advantage of this high speed is less heat is dissipated, and the main nutrients remain in extracted juice.
  • In short, the twin gear juicer is way more reliable and good juicer than the single gear juicer.
  • You also kept in mind that a single gear juicer is good, but a twin gear juicer is way more efficient than this masticating juicer.
  • Because of its two-step procedure of extracting juice from the fruits or vegetables.

How Do Juicers work

How Do Juicer Work

Single gear juicer

  • The procedure of extracting the juice is so simple. At first, the raw fruits or vegetables are fed in the juicer.
  • Then the fruits or vegetables get crushed between the auger and screen. The auger and screen are placed horizontally.
  • Then after crushing the fruits, there are two ways.
  • The extracted juice comes from one hole, and the excess pulp comes from another hole.

Twin gear juicer

Now, I’ll like to tell you how this twin gear juicer works.

  • The procedure of the twin gear juicer is somehow similar to the single gear juicer. But it has some advanced functions to perform.
  • At first, the fruits or vegetables means that anything you want to be fed in the juicer.
  • Then the fruits get crushed between two gears and a screen. 
  • Then similarly, the extracted juice comes from one hole and excess pulp from the other. In addition, there is one knob that adjusts the pressure.
  • This knob ensures the better quality yield you get.
  • These main properties make these types of juicers the best twin gear juicers.


When it comes to Single Gear vs Twin Gear Juicer, which is perfect? The answer is clear that the twin gear juicer is a perfect juicer.

A single gear juicer is also good enough, but the two-step procedure of a twin gear juicer makes it perfect. Because of this two-step procedure, you can gain extra yield from the fruits or vegetables which you put into the juicer.

This can make your life simpler and easy if you pay a little extra for the twin gear juicer.

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