11 Best Hiking Sunglasses For 2023

There is nothing quite like the outdoors to let out the built-up stress and come back relaxed and rejuvenated. Surely, obvious essentials include a comfortable camping blanket and a cozy camping chair. The thing is, the outdoors may just present a different kind of stress – especially for your eyes. Bright sunlight, dirt particles, harsh glares, can all damage your precious eyesight.

But with the best hiking sunglasses, you can not only protect your sight but also look forward to a relaxing hike.

The 11 Best Hiking Sunglasses in 2023

Duduma Sunglasses

Style and function marry each other with a tad bit discomfort

Pure style meets absolute function with the Duduma. The sleek, thin frame makes for a lightweight hiking accessory that you can wear all day and not feel it at all. Plus your eyes stay protected from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. The added advantage here is that the polarised lens cuts off additional glare, allowing you to see clearly and see far.

What you will love about this pair is their durability and functionality. They are tough, will not break easily, and will not scratch easily.   

The only issue with the Duduma is that the curvature of the frame may feel a bit tight during initial use.

  • High on style.
  • High on protection.
  • Sleek frame.
  • Curved frame may feel a bit tight initially.

Gardom UV Resistant

Customize to your exact requirements; the lens has no protective frame

What makes Gardom one of the best hiking sunglasses is its ability to customize to your particular needs. You can pick and choose from any one of the five senses that come with the frame for your varied activities. The frame also allows you to add your own myopic lens for better vision.

Whether you are hiking, biking, running, or even riding a horse, you can choose a particular lens for the activity, which you can match with your ensemble.

The best part is that the Gardom sits light on your ears and is extremely light on your pocket as well, making it a valuable addition.

The one issue with the sunglasses is that the lens may be prone to scratches because there is no protective frame surrounding them.

  • Highly customizable.
  • Versatile.
  • Super economical.
  • Lens may be prone to scratches due to lack of protective frame.

Oakley Half Jacket

A born performer that comes at a price

When it comes to high performing outdoor sunglasses, Oakley has established a rich legacy. You can rest assured that any pair from the brand will meet the highest quality, and provide a splash of style too.

The Half Jacket follows in the line of that proud tradition. The lens offers absolute protection for your precious eyes from not only the damaging rays and bright glare, but also from other harmful elements such as wind and dust particles. The frame is sleek and flexible, fitting comfortably on your ears.

The only negative is that the pair is a bit expensive when compared to its peers: A price that you need to pay for top quality.

  • Oakley guarantee.
  • High style.
  • Expensive.

Torege Sunglasses

Blocks out all harmful rays but the nose-pad may wear out soon

Torege has carved out a name for itself among the best hiking sunglasses by offering high-quality eyewear that does not compromise on either performance or style.

The sunglasses are fitted with a 5-layer lens that blocks out everything and anything that can either distract you or be detrimental to your outdoor experience. The frame is soft and lightweight, making it easy to wear them throughout the day even in tough conditions.

The one issue with the Torege is that the soft notepad may wear out a bit sooner than expected with heavy usage.

  • Ultimate protection.
  • Soft frame.
  • Soft nose-pad may wear out sooner than expected.

Julbo Sherpa

An expensive accessory that is well worth the price

The Sherpa is a bit like the rockstar among hiking sunglasses: The moment you slip it on, you know the spotlight will be on you.

The frame seems straight out of a tactical unit, styled in all black with a thin frame that slips on in no time and a comfortable ear hook that will keep the sunglasses in place even during demanding physical activities. There is also a side patch that offers complete protection for your eyes from stray glares or dust particles.

The Sherpa is an expensive accessory, and its tactical style may not suit everyone’s taste: Two negatives that make them a little less popular.

  • Tactical protection.
  • Unique frame.
  • Expensive.

JULI Polarized Sunglasses

Affordable, stylish, but a wide lens without a protective frame

JULI has burst onto the scene with a range of affordable, stylish, and high- performance eyewear. Their Polarised Sunglasses offer the same quality of protection and visual appeal that you have come to expect from the brand.

The frame is dusted in a gold palette with a soft rubber grip that wraps around the edge to provide superior grip even in sweaty, humid conditions. The lens wraps around your eyes, acting as the ultimate shield from the harmful outdoor sunshine.

With a gold frame and gold lens. The JULI feels like a premium pair, even though it is one of the most affordable.

One issue you may face is with the lenses. Since they are not protected by a frame, they could be prone to scratches and damage.   

  • High performance at an affordable price.
  • High on style.
  • Lens not protected by the frame.

J+S Lightweight Sunglasses

Straightforward sun protection which can feel a little too simple

One look at the J+S and you know this pair means business. There is neither flash here, nor unnecessary bells and whistles; just a straightforward pair of sunglasses that will go to battle for you against the extreme elements of the outdoors.

The frame is lightweight, sturdy and designed to flit like a glove around your face. A special mention to the nose pads that aid superior grip and comfort. The lenses are crafted from nine layers of Polarised-TAC to provide the ultimate protection for your eyes.

Where the J+S feels a little bit of a let letdown is in the style department.

  • High performance.
  • Low on style.

Duco Sunglasses

Versatile sunglasses, but the interchangeable lens are a bit unsteady

Duco ticks all the boxes when it comes to the best hiking sunglasses: The frame is lightweight and contoured for a perfect fit; the lenses are coated with top-level UVA and UVB protection, plus an added layer of polarisation for harmful glares; you can pick and choose from any one of the five lenses provided to suit your mood and style. What more can you ask for…?

Versatility is the strongest suit of the Duco, and it proves to be its Achilles heel as well. The easy customization of the lens can make them a little less steady over a period of time.

  • Lightweight frame.
  • High-quality lens.
  • Interchangeable lens make them a little less steady.

Oakley Jawbreaker Shield

Perfect in every which way, except for the price

If there were ever a perfect set of outdoor sunglasses ever created, it is the Jawbreaker Shield.

Oakley proves, once again, why it is such a force to reckon with in the eyewear segment. Each and every aspect boasts of top-quality and uncompromising protection. The frame is designed from flexible material to bend, but never break, and fit comfortably. The lens has been created from polycarbonate with a polarised iridium finish. These are some of the best specs you will find in eyewear.

The kryptonite of the perfect Jawbreaker is its price. It is certainly an investment, which some may consider an excess for hiking sunglasses.

  • Polarised iridium lens.
  • Flexible frame.
  • Expensive.

Soxick Glasses

High performance; the yellow lens, however, may not suit everyone

The Soxick glasses may seem like an unusual choice for outdoor activities at first, but the pair offers a high degree of sun protection and is quite a stylish look at. These two attributes earn the Soxick the right to be on the list of best UV sunglasses.

You may not find a more comfortable pair to wear around all day: the flexible frame ensures that. The soft nose pads do an excellent job of holding the glasses in place while you run, hike, climb. And the best part is that you can even use them when you are out for a cruise along the highway at night.

The downside to the versatile Soxick is that the yellow tinge of the lens may not suit everyone’s style.

  • Aluminium- magnesium frame.
  • Polarised lens.
  • Yellow lens may not suit everyone’s style.

Maui Jim Haleakala Sunglasses

Style incarnate; comes at a steep price

Maui Jim… two words that spell style and statement. You will be hard-pressed to find an outdoor accessory that looks as good as performs even better. The sleek frame, made from the highest grade material, has a velvet touch when it slides behind your ears. The lens is composed of the highest grade of sun protection, which also makes them shatterproof, and immune to water and oil.

If you had all the money in the world, you would want to buy the Haleakala Sunglasses. That is its drawback too: you will certainly need a generous amount to invest in the pair from Maui Jim.

  • Top-grade construction.
  • lens.
  • Expensive…and a bit more.

Ho To Choose the Best Sunglasses For Hiking

Hiking glasses need to perform a variety of functions and need to make you look good while doing so. The best pairs often a high degree of protection, a splash of style, all at a reasonable price point. These are the considerations we used to curate our list of best hiking sunglasses 

When it comes to buying the best hiking sunglasses, here’s what you need to consider:


A lot of people look at the quality of the lens as the first benchmark in testing how good outdoor glasses are. They seem to be missing the point. If the pair you choose is uncomfortable to wear, then the quality of the lens will not matter – you will simply not wear it. The experts suggest you choose a frame that is soft to the touch, flexible, and yet durable enough to endure the wear and tear of hiking.


Once the frame fits comfortably on your face, then check out the lens specs. A bare minimum requirement is that they should offer at least UV protection. If the lenses are polarised, even better. The experts also suggest that ideal outdoor sunglasses will wrap around your eyes, protecting you from dust and other harmful elements as well.


How much should you invest in a pair of glasses that you know will be put through the absolute grind? Not too cheap, and not too expensive say the experts. Medium-priced sunglasses offer the best of both worlds and offer you top-quality protection as well.

Best Hiking Sunglasses – The Winner

After careful consideration, we have decided to award the top honor to the Duduma Sunglasses. The pair is stylish, not too heavy on your pocket, and offers a high range of protection.

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