4 Vape Battery Safety And Tips

Vape batteries are an integral part of vaping. They power the device and provide the wattage to heat your e-liquid so that you can enjoy a vape. The last thing you want is your battery to die on you in the middle of a good session, but it happens all too often.

It’s essential to have a battery safety plan in place if you’re vaping. When it comes to vape batteries, you need to observe some key points. This blog post will cover four tips for extending the life of your vape battery so that they last longer and won’t let you down!

1.   Keep Wraps Intact

Invest in Battery Cases

Vape batteries come wrapped in a protective layer that helps keep your battery safe and secure. It’s crucial to leave this wrap intact when you’re vaping, so if it starts coming off of the battery for any reason, make sure to replace it right away!

Battery wraps are easy to replace, and you can find them online or at your local vape shop. Some vape shops even offer wraps for free to their customers!

2.   Use the Right Batteries

Vape batteries are not the same. Some are suitable for sub-ohm vaping, while others aren’t. Be sure you know what kind of battery your device needs and only use batteries compatible with it.  Many sites and various brands synthetic nicotine e juice, making it hassle-free to find a good match.

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So, how do you know you have the right batteries? Consider these things to ensure you use the right batteries include:


First, know what voltage or watts your device requires and choose a battery that meets those requirements (you can find this information in the product description). You should also check if it’s compatible with sub-ohm vaping. If you’re not certain about any of these things, contact the company before using them to be sure.

Manual vs Automatic Batteries

Next, consider the battery operation. Most e-cigarette batteries are either automatic or manual. Automatic batteries automatically activate the e-cig when you inhale, while manual ones require a button press before vaping. Manual batteries tend to have better performance and battery capacity than automatic ones, but it’s up to you which option suits you best, depending on your preferences.

Use the Right Batteries

Battery Life

Vape batteries come in different sizes and shapes, but you won’t always get the exact battery life advertised. This is because several factors can affect your e-cig battery’s performance. These include; coil resistance (the lower it is, the more power goes to vapor production) and airflow or inhalation intensity (less airflow means less vaping time and longer battery life).

Therefore, the best way to have an excellent vaping experience is by finding the right battery with the appropriate mAh (the higher, the better) and pairing it up with an atomizer that matches your needs.

3.   Invest in Battery Cases

Avoid throwing your batteries in the bottom of your purse or pocket because other items could hit them and cause the battery to malfunction. Packing a spare battery in case one dies is always a good idea if you’re going out for an extended time.

However, ensure the batteries are always in a protective case. Vape battery cases are affordable and keep your batteries safe from damage by covering the battery entirely. Not only that, they can carry an extra battery or two to extend your vape time and keep you vaping as long as possible!

4.   Be Aware Of Charging Times

While charging overnight is a great way to ensure that you are always good to go, overcharging can be harmful and even dangerous for vaping batteries. We recommend staying on top of the times while you’re watching TV in bed!

Keep Wraps Intact

If your battery feels warm,  it’s a good idea to unplug it and let it cool down before vaping with it. It’s also essential to keep your vape batteries away from metal pieces, like rings or bracelets. This can cause them to short circuit if they’re too close for an extended period!

In addition, ensure you always charge your batteries in a fireproof charging case. If there is any risk of damage from mishandling or short-circuiting, use the battery within its box and don’t leave it unattended when it’s plugged into an outlet.

Lastly, use a dedicated charger for your vape batteries. Don’t charge different types or brands of batteries with the same charger. You should also avoid charging other devices, like a cell phone or laptop, on the same device as your vape pen’s battery.

Wrapping Up

It’s crucial to protect and prolong the life of your battery. Whether you’re using vaping batteries or coin cell batteries, they can last a lot longer if given proper care and attention to them!

While the tips in this article are not conclusive, they’ll go a long way in significantly lengthen the life of your batteries. Don’t forget to invest in batteries compatible with your device. This simple hack could make all the difference.


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