How to Handle Holiday Stress

With the holidays upon us, we all have a lot more to do than usual. Parties to plan, extra activities to attend, and gifts to buy can all add a lot of stress into our lives. When holiday stress starts to get to you, here are a few ways to relax and get feeling calm again.

One way to destress is to take some time for yourself. It’s difficult to find time for yourself during the busy holiday season, but it’s important to do so. Wake up a little earlier so you have a few minutes to enjoy your coffee. Take a few deep, relaxing breathes on your commute to work. Meditate for a few minutes in bed before you get up.

These are all easy ways to let go of stress, even if you feel overwhelmed or busy. If you can find a bit more time for self care, try cooking your favorite meal, or take a hot bath. There’s nothin quite like relaxing after a hectic day, and a nourishing meal and calming soak will do you a world of good.

Whether you can carve out an hour for yourself, or just a couple of minutes, stepping away from your worries is a great way to deal with holiday stress.

Another way to deal with stress is to tackle your to-do list head on. It may not be the most fun thing to do, but checking items off your to-do list is gratifying, and it means you’ll have less to worry about later. Buy gifts before black Friday.

It might be tempting to go out and get great deals, but unless you really need to, buy gifts before black Friday rolls around.

Nothing is more stressful than trying to go Christmas shopping with five hundred other people at the same time.  Another thing to do is send out your holiday cards now. I like to get my holiday cards from Basic Invite. I love their photo christmas card options, they are so cute! You’re sure to find the perfect holiday cards with Basic Invite. Got a party or potluck coming up?

Decide in advance what you’ll bring to the potluck, and if you make something using a boxed mix, or bring cookies you bought at the store, that’s fine. You do not need to make your tasks harder than they already are.

holiday stress

You can also manage holiday stress by being present. Remember that the holidays only come once a year. This is a time to enjoy yourself and be with people you love.

Put your holiday checklist on the back burner and go out with friends. Take the kids out for sledding or picking out a Christmas tree on the weekend, and allow yourself to have fun with them. Go on a holiday date with your spouse or partner.

Have a romantic evening with them. The holidays are a great time to create special, lifelong memories. Don’t miss that chance. However much is on your to-do list, it can all wait a little bit longer. Being present will allow you to have more fun, and is a good way to put your worries aside. Focus on the now and enjoy the holiday season while it’s still here.

One of the best ways to create a romantic feel is by creating the perfect movie night! Yes, all you need to do is download some of the best rom coms from the pirate bay, set up some nice wine, great food and a nice and cosy environment. You will notice how your partner or spouse appreciates these small, yet romantic gestures. 

If you’re struggling to enjoy the holidays this year, try practicing gratitude. Being grateful does not mean you ignore the struggles you are facing. But it does help put things into perspective.

Reminding yourself what you are grateful for can help you adjust your focus. Instead of thinking about how stressed out you are, you can look around at all the things you have. Warm clothes, food, a home, friends, and family are all things to be grateful for.

Reminding yourself of all you have makes your stresses seem less overwhelming. When you’ve calmed down and centered yourself, you will be better able to tackle your stress. You’ll have a clearer head and feel less anxious, which will help you accomplish the things you need to get done.

You can cut back on holiday stress by taking on fewer commitments than usual. There’s so much going on at the holidays that it can be easy to overbook yourself. Between school events, work parties, fund raisers, and visiting family, holiday schedules can get hectic. Put priority events on your calendar first thing. As other activities come up, ask yourself if you have the energy for it.

Even fun events can be exhausting and difficult. Don’t be afraid to tell people that you can’t make it to a party they’re having. Knowing you’ll be too tired to enjoy yourself is a good reason not to do something. There’s no need to explain to anyone why you can’t attend their event. Simply letting them know you wish you could go is enough.

Helping others is a great way to reduce stress. Stress can often be a vicious cycle. You start feeling worry or fear, and then you begin to fret over how worried you are, and it continues on. A good way to get out of your head and stop overthinking is to do something nice for someone else. Take food over to a neighbor, volunteer at a soup kitchen or animal shelter, or do yard work for a friend.

Other ideas include chipping in at a community service project, donating your change to a good cause at the register, or making an extra visit to your parent’s house. You’ll feel better after helping someone, and you may find yourself in a better mindset to address your own fears. Helping others helps you as much as anyone else. And you’ll so much happier after helping someone.

Despite the hectic stress of the holidays, you can still enjoy this time of year. Be present,  practice gratitude, and take time to relax by yourself. Don’t forget to address your to-do list, manage your commitments, and do acts of service. You’ll feel better and be able to enjoy the holiday season more. Wishing you and yours happy holidays!

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